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God’s High Calling for Women



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Before God, men and women are absolutely equal. Yet along with that equality, God created some differences. He has called women to a unique role that no man can ever fill. Yet there are those who denounce that role.

In particular, the feminist movement—and sadly, many in the church—undermine the biblical values that give women a great sense of joy and accomplishment. The effects have been clearly seen: strife in the home, neglected children, and divorce.

Is there a way to achieve the fulfillment feminism promises—and fails—to deliver? Is there more a woman can hope for?

The answer is yes! And the key is in following God’s High Calling for Women. In this study, John MacArthur considers the New Testament’s most comprehensive treatment of the woman’s appearance, attitude, testimony, and her contribution to the Lord’s work—the true path to fulfillment.

The subject of women in the church is both important and controversial — John MacArthur is not afraid of either. In this revised work, MacArthur examines what the Bible teaches in I Timothy 2:9-15. He discusses topics ranging from the attitude and appearance of women to their role in and contribution to the church.

Unique features:

  • Features revised content and study questions
  • For personal or group study use

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